Where do you want to master?

Pro Mastering

Valencia, Spain

At Clusterbeat, we offer high quality mastering from highly qualified mastering engineers and the best studio environment. We only use the best stuff and combining, digital audio and analogue audio processing to get best results. Our Pro mastering service is orientated for producers who wish to take their music to the next professional level.

Big Label Mastering

London, United Kingdom

Highly attended big label mastering. From a big label mastering engineer with the ability to arrange your track to the highest sound quality. A perfect studio environment with the best stuff. Our engineers have experience mastering for big top labels. And world top Dj´s. This service is only available to members. For more information fill out our contact form.

What is mastering?

Mastering is the final process by which you have to pass an audio production, track or song for commercial release. Why do you need to master? Mastering is an essential process to achieve a competitive sound. We ensure that your music will compete with the rest of the commercial material in terms of loudness and frequency balance using equalization, compression and other processes depending on each individual song.

What do we do?

Detailed equalization: To intensify the audio, correct or balance the frequency content of the track. This service allows you to attain a higher quality sound perception.
Compression: To add control to the mix, provide character and sculpt the dynamics correctly by achieving proper sound cohesion.
Mono/Stereo Processing: To broaden the stereo image without phase problems and centering the mono elements of the track getting a correct sound stereo image.
Limitation: To limit the loudness peaks, giving the mix the right level to compete with the best commercial material.

How we work?

At Clusterbeat, we work with engineers worldwide who specialize in the different musical genres.  After receiving your track, we will send you a feedback regarding your mix if it is not ready for mastering. Otherwise, we will assign the most appropriate engineer for your track.

How long does it take?

In most cases we guarantee the return of your track mastered and ready for commercialization in a period of 72 hours. However, in many cases the file can be earlier. The average return time is approximately 72 hours for each track. Download the shipping information dossier here before sending.

Contact form

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Send your track via WeTransfer

We choose WeTransfer because it offers the highest level of security when transferring files. WeTransfer will inform you when your file is opened. Send your track to mastering@clusterbeat.com.Please make sure you have downloaded and read the dossier before sending, you can download it from here if you have not downloaded it before.